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Our lighting is involved in everyday classrooms, corridors and chambers, nave church, illuminating them the splendor of ancient times. Many spaces added romanticism, finishing off them our stylish chandeliers, brass, often thousands of glittering crystals. We offer typical sconces and chandeliers both style “Duchy of Warsaw” and Flemish, faithful to the classical patterns (directory). For chandeliers and wall lamps we use brass castings, hand-machined.

We offer the use of our products brass, which besides aesthetics of their time let you enjoy the efficiency and functionality characteristic of most modern lighting systems. We produce also lighting, more modern, including LEDs, according to individual projects architects. We encourage you to order a unique lighting art.

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We also sell ready-made, classic chandeliers and sconces made of brass
Exemplary gallery of classic brass chandeliers and wall lights – CLICK HERE.

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