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We are an inter-generational family company, built on harmonious cooperation and mutual respect of its employees. Our advantage is knowledge and almost 40 years of experience in the metalwork industry. However, we are not stuck in the past, we always keep pace with the evolving trends and requirements of our industry. We combine craft tradition with a fresh look and openness to the latest technologies in metalwork and lighting industry.
Years of work in the industry of sophisticated lighting and other metal products have made us experts in what and how we do. There are almost no metal products that we can’t do. And we do it really beautiful. In order to implement the project well, in addition to technical knowledge and skills, you need courage and a dose of fantasy. The growing number of satisfied Clients proves that we have these features.

The fact that we are a family company with tradition brings value to you. Here is why:
• We, the owners, supervise each of our projects. We are with your design in the office – preparing it for implementation; in the workshop – where the metal is bent, processed and combined with other materials; and in the place where your product will be installed.
• You will meet us personally. Together, we will analyse your design, advise and propose specific technological solutions.
• We will consult with you the project implementation at every stage. Good contact with our client is an important element of the success of every order.

At the beginning of our activity, we mainly made the classic brass lighting. We created the multi-flame chandeliers and wall lamps made of brass castings, hand-honed and patinated. We used a variety of fixtures – for light bulbs, but also for …. candles. Can you imagine these sparkling chandeliers in the candlelight? This is where the name of our company comes from – CANDLE.
In next years and stages of our company’s development, we have gradually expanded our range of services with renovations and reconstructions of old, often historic lighting, including candelabra and lamps as well as other architectural things and decorations made of metals and crystals. We have also begun to take on the orders for metalwork elements.

Nowadays, adapting to the needs of the market, we implement comprehensive architectural and artistic projects that combine metal with wood, glass, stone, plexiglass and other materials.

Our lighting constructions, equipped with modern LED systems, decorate many representative rooms and sumptuous interiors. They are often the most important decorative and functional element of these interiors.

We cooperate with the “Sagrada” company based in London regularly – a world-class company that implements hotel and restaurant interior designs around the world.

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