Conservation of Monuments and
Metalwork Lighting Art

Design - realization of lighting projects and everything made of metal

About us

We are a company existing since 1981, built on the foundations of solid family crafts. Initially, we dealt with the production of the classical lighting made of brass.
In the next stages of development we expanded our range of services for the renovation and reconstruction of the old, often antique chandeliers and lamps and other objects and architectural decorations made of metal.
We specialize in the performance of interior design elements, according to individual projects, within the range of metalwork, among others, balustrades made of brass and steel (including those combined with glass), and covering different surfaces with metal plates, as well as many other projects.
In cooperation with architects we create representational lighting decorated with crystals and glass intended for antique and modern halls.
Following the spirit of the time, when implementing our unique lighting into the space, in addition to the traditional lights, we also use the latest LED technology.

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